Playtech Slots Themes


Online slots and physical slots have changed a lot over the years in hopes of attracting a larger crowd of players. Instead of basic fruit shapes and colored tokens, many slots take on a certain theme to make more interesting game play.

Playtech, one of the largest game designers for online slots, features a large number of themes for their 600+ games. Click here to visit the website where you can find playtech online casino sites and a few of their main themes for slots:

  • Most of the super hero slots revolve around Marvel characters. The recent games are often based off of movies done by Marvel, such as the Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 slots from Playtech.
    There are also games like Captain America: The First Avenger, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Spider Man, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Thor, and X-Men.

  • TV shows that become popular in different parts of the world will sometimes have a slot designed with the show and characters all being featured. Playtech has managed to make TV show slots are based on shows famous around the world in order to fit into more areas.
    Some of the more popular ones include Little Britain, the Sopranos, Monty Python Spamalot, and Baywatch.

  • It’s not only TV shows that get embedded into interactive videos slots games online; movies also get turned into slots! These can be fun and exciting to play, with bonus round and game play features that tie in parts of the movie to the game itself.
    Playtech’s most popular movie slots games (besides the Marvel super hero slots based on movies) include Pink Panther, Ghost Rider, King Kong, John Wayne, Rocky, and Mummy.

  • Every holiday seems to have its own slots game dedicated to the common celebrations. Playtech has Santa Surprise, Plenty O’ Fortune, Halloween Fortune, and others to mark the occasions!

How to Play a Playtech Live Casino Games?

Playtech casino games started like a boom in the beginning but with the advent of modern technologies and handheld devices the requirement to bring these games to online world became the necessity. Then in the next era the games that could be played live became the first and sometimes the only choice of the individual. These facts generated the urge to convert Playtech casino games into live online casino games. Now the leading companies from this industry offer online casino games on almost all mobile devices including iPhones, Android as well as other handheld hardware.
Some of the important features of live playtech casino games are described below which will surely help you to learn how to play these games live.

  • Game Feed:
  • The broadcasting of Playtech live casino games ensure highest up time along with fastest streaming anywhere. The streaming servers provide least delays to keep all players in-line with the game being played. High definition cameras also add value to live game feeds.

  • Live Games:
  • While playing Playtech casino games online, you will be offered all of the casino tables that you could choose while playing casino traditionally may it bebaccarat, blackjack or roulette. Moreover, new table games such as Casino Hold’em are also available for the users who play casino games online.

  • Payment Processing:
  • There is a huge variety of ways available on these websites that allows you to pay and play your desired game. Some of the most commonly used payment methods are electronic wallets, wire transfers, credit or debit cards, bank draft payouts via local banks and various popular prepaid cards etc.

  • In Short:
  • With the advent of online world and improved hardware of handheld devices these games have now become more interesting and exciting. People of all ages and interests can now easily approach these website and can play. The payment methods are also safe and reliable. All of these advantages along with ease of use have really influenced the players to switch to Playtech live casino games.